Most of you guys are chasing that perfect body, which you are seeing on televisions, depicted in art work and comic books or has been sculpted in stone. Natural human behaviour is to never be happy with “normal”, offcourse getting bigger, faster, stronger, more ripped and more beautiful is always the aim for us. The problem is that reality always has been and always will be over-embellished, because when we compare ourselves to that statue or comic book character and we feel that, there is something which we aren’t doing right. - “but sometimes it just isn’t achievable naturally”.

Many athletes are taking advanced chemical approaches when it comes to training or prepping for any competition. And it would not be wrong to say that, in sports the battle is not only fought on the ground today but off the ground in labs too. The use of drugs from early 19th century has evolved a lot, where cyclists used caffeine, cocaine and alcohol to enhance their performance to the modern era of complex synergised highly evolved substances such as Androgenic Anabolic Steroids, fat burning aid clenbuterol, powerful diuretics and various stimulants. The drug use in sports has also evolved with the general advancement of technology and science.

As the expectation of getting a greater result in a brief period is progressing in the country, the young generation is falling into the trap of drug use. Many have lost their lives, a lot of them are struggling with their health issues such as hormonal imbalance, heart diseases, skin issues and depression at a youthful age. Now that is something we should all worry about! Where the hell is our country going?

Drug use in sports or otherwise is NOT a cool thing to do and it’s not acceptable to use drugs, just by saying that everybody in the BODYBUILDING or BOLLWOOD industry is doing it. That does not make any sense!

Therefore, we have created Himalayan Stallion to provide the young guns of India a platform to showcase your talent, to recognize your potential and help you excel in your sport. We will teach you the correct science of sports and nutrition to apply in your lives so that you can achieve true fitness with a healthy life without the use of drugs.
After all it is “body-building” and not “body-destroying”!
We inspire and rally various natural fitness communities and sports to come together and work towards making a drug free India and a drug free world.