About Us


About Us

Jeet Selal is one the most influential fitness professionals among Indian communities across the globe. Founder of Jeet Selal Aesthetics and Himalayan Stallion brand, he is a fitness entrepreneur with an idea of natural practices in sports, health and fitness. Jeet Selal Aesthetics was founded in December of 2015 in Melbourne, Australia with an objective of creating an awareness regarding health & fitness amongst Indian communities and to work against the drug use/abuse in sports in India.

Jeet has immense popularity not just because of his amazing physique, but for his character, experience, exceptional knowledge and quality content in representing the sports fitness industry.
With a social media following approaching 500k, he is respected for many reasons amongst his followers worldwide, not least because of his highly positive and motivational approach to everything he does.

Jeet Name

Jeet has created a platform (Himalayan Stallion) and initiated a campaign of making a drug free nation through his knowledge of correct sports & nutrition science as well as his expertise in bodybuilding and various martial arts.